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So I was listening to Stryper today and for the first time really, it hit me how unique a guitarist he is.
For me, great guitarists are those who sound unique, rather then just being fret kings speed guitaring.
Was surprised at how much his style affected the overall sound of Stryper, and therefore, as a guitarist has risen significantly in my ranks.

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I would go so far as to say his guitar work is a massive reason why I have persisted with a band that essentially frustrate me more than excite me. I have as much respect for religion and the preaching of it as I do a lump of excrement, yet I keep coming back to Stryper. And a big reason for that is their entire musicality, which includes his awesome guitar work. Always been a massive fan of him as a guitarist. 

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Yeah it was surprising to me that IO had never really appreciated his work until the other day.
Maybe I did in the past and forgot that I had recognised it lol

Either that or I was concentrating too hard on struggling with all the religious bs that I forgot to let go and just enjoy.
I mean same with Eddie VH to a degree. A new VH disc would come out, but unless something really different was happening (Poundcake) you kinda know what you were about to hear and sometimes didn't appreciate what the guitar brough because youw ere so used to it.

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