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Quarantine music


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Plenty of artists are releasing stuff, quarantine style. Acoustic, live, collaboration, you name it.


Song Of Hope video - Johnny Gioeli feat. Sevi (Crush 40 remake)

This crazy time in our lives has sadly caused us pain, suffering, inconvenience, change, and even loss. We all sit and wonder what the future will bring. We restructure and plan our lives that were disrupted by this crazy virus. But, ONE THING that can NEVER change is the ability for MUSIC to make us see a light that can shine everlastingly bright. We would like to shine our music light on you. Our plans to release an exciting duet and video were crushed by the isolation, and our song “Drowning” will have to wait until later this year. Instead of being angry, giving up, or being frustrated, we decided to share even more music with you and turn to HOPE. It’s one thing that not even a virus can take away from any of us. Remember this. 

Please enjoy this song appropriately titled “Song of Hope”. (originally by Crush 40 - Johnny Gioeli and Jun Senoue) We hope it lifts you as it did us recreating it. We recorded and filmed it in our homes from thousands of miles away from each other the best we could! We WILL return to a new normal.
Hugs to all,
Johnny, Sevi and Rally on guitar! 


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Lords Of Black - Forevermore (Acoustic version)

Lords Of Black is proud to announce that Ronnie Romero has returned to the band as lead vocalist! The band is currently working on their next album, "Alchemy Of Souls - Part 1". In the meantime, please enjoy this recently filmed (quarantine style) acoustic version of the band's track 'Forevermore' by Ronnie and Tony Hernando. 




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Winger - Better Days Comin' (All-Star)

Winger invites artists, friends and fans to sing along to Better Days Comin'

Guest Artists in order of appearance: 

Chip Znuff - Enuff Znuff
Mark Farner - Grand Funk Railroad
Jeff Scott Soto - Sons of Apollo / Queen
Tony Harnell - TNT
George Gakis
Mark Hudson
Miljenko Matijevic - Steelheart
Alice Cooper
Klaus Meine - Scorpions
Robert Mason - Warrant
Richie Kotzen - Winery Dogs
Terry Ilous - XYZ
Don Crash - H.E.A.T.
Alan Parsons - Alan Parsons Project
Danny Vaughn - Tyketto
Michael Starr - Steel Panther
Fiona Flanagan
Steve Postell - Immediate Family
Eddie Trunk
Cenk Eroglu
Steve Whiteman - KIX
Howie Simon - Nelson / Scrap Metal / Winger / Stryper
PJ Griffith - Rock Of Ages (Broadway)
Kenny Leckremo - H.E.A.T.
Justin Murphy - A Lesser Ego


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Am I satanic for just hating all this crap? I feel so dark. I'm going to retreat to my alley. 

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Too Far For Gracie - Quarantine

The song “Quarantine” is the seventh release by Too Far For Gracie. The song is addressing anxiety and emotional discomfort following the trails of lockdown and self-isolation due to the covid-19 pandemic. “This is the sound of our emotions”.



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Wheels Of Fire & Friends - We Will Rise

"We Will Rise" is a song that came to life by Malu Scandroglio and Stefano Zeni, in which they took initiative in writing the lyrics and music. The tune is an anthem calling for hope and belief in supporting our beloved nation, Italy; with a great desire to be able to flip this situation around 360. The song was written in English so that it could reach as many people as possible across our nation and those who live outside our peninsula. It has been performed by an almost complete Wheels Of Fire, with Stefano Zeni on guitar, Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri on vocals, Federico De Biase on keyboard, Fabrizio Uccellini on drums and special guest Stefano Skool Scola (Hungryheart, Dream Company) on bass.

"We Will Rise" is a clear example that home recording at a distance can achieve great results with praiseworthy quality; especially when done by professionals of the music sector. The brilliant work of mixing and mastering was done, not by chance, by none other than Roberto Priori.

The official videoclip of the song, produced by Moviedel Productions, will have Italian subtitles throughout. The end of the video is reinforced by the presence of fans and friends, which have filmed themselves for a fantastic finale performance, showing community and support, which are necessary for our country to rise and start new again as soon as possible.




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Rick Springfield & Friends - The Wall Will Fall

At 70 years of age, Rick's singing still sounds great.

All proceeds from the sale of the song will benefit FeedingAmerica.org.
Rick Springfield and Vance DeGeneres’s “Ultimate Mini-Series: The 60-Second Guide to Songwriting with a Partner”, started off as a way for the two friends to have some fun online while home-sheltering during the current Covid-19 pandemic. But what began as a way to share a few laughs with their online communities grew into a popular multi-episode series and produced a rousing, uplifting universal anthem of hope and love. 



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    • First, I'm just impressed you found a video where you can actually hear Lzzy; everything I'd seen the last 2 days was terrible sound quality. With that said, she sounds fine. Not gonna make anyone forget Sebastian, or Erik for that matter, but she'll do a good job filling in 👍
    • Was this release on an EP CD?
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdehd0UQhuo
    • From Escape Music: KEYS has just completed their second album, “The Grand Seduction”.   This all-keyboard band is the brainchild of singer Jake E (Cyhra, Amaranthe and others) and keyboardist Mark Mangold (Touch, Drive, She Said, Michael Bolton, Cher, Paul Rogers and others) with Emanuel Bagge (Sweden’s Got Talent Finalist) on additional vocals and keys, Irwan Fabrien (noted keyboard guitar sound designer) with help of drum gurus Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyhra and others).   Featuring live performances with three keyboardists and a huge battery of keyboards, this ambitious band brings keyboard and instrumental prowess to new heights while playing songs that run the gamut from scathing progressive melodic forays to catchy and melodic rock anthems …and Jake’s award-winning voice (Burrn Vocalist of the year 2020).   Previous KEYS album also featured guest keyboard additions by Charlie Calv of Angel and others.   Though songs are first and foremost, this band shows the versatility of keyboards in this day and age.  These artfully crafted songs are ripe with scathing synth, organ and “guitar” pyrotechnics, dazzling time signatures and drumming, bombastic choruses and “guitar” riffs (played on keyboards with the now available plug in’s that perfectly emulate guitars).  As Mark and Jake are first and foremost award winning songwriters, they never lose sight of the composition and melodies, though couched in the very signature and hard to pigeon hole sound (isn’t that the whole point?) of this band and Jake's 4 octave vocal range.   Release Date: 19th July 2024 CD Catalogue No: ESM389   CD Track List: 1. THE GRAND SEDUCTION 9:02 2. ALL I NEED  6:49 3. SHINING SAILS  5:51 4. SWITCHBLADE  6:02 5. VORTEX   4:06 6. SKIN AND BONES  6:42 7. TURN TO DUST    4:42 8. CRAZY TOWN   7:43 9. THOUGHT WE HAD FOREVER  6:04 10. THE WORLD IS OURS (Curse the Lies)   4:02   Vinyl Track List: Side A 1. THE GRAND SEDUCTION 6:47 2. ALL I NEED 6:49 3. SHINING SAILS 5:51 4. VORTEX 4:06   Side B 1. SWITCHBLADE 6:02 2. SKIN AND BONES 6:42 3. TURN TO DUST 4:42 4. CRAZY TOWN 7:43   PRODUCED BY MARK MANGOLD AND JAKE E MIXED BY MARK MANGOLD MASTERED BY MAOR APPELBAUM  
    • Lyric video for the new song:    
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