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Final Frontier

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Thought The First Wave was a pretty good album and have been tracking down the subsequent albums.
Sadly Rob Moratti decided to sing at the very top of his range after the first album, right through the next 3.
I'm talking chipmunks range here - no shit, it actually sounds a bit like the chipmunks....
Sad that they decided to go in this direction, but damhn tose songs just are too hard to get used to :(

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What? So you're saying he sounded different on the debut compared to the others? Sorry mate, don't hear that at all... From memory. Granted it's been a while, but far as I recall he sounded the same on all their albums. 

You could probably make one pretty good compilation disc from all their albums. 

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There seemed to be a more varied range on the first, and also more shared vocals at times which brought it all down a bit.
Frustrating as the music is great, just hard to deal with the vocals.
Prime for some cover versions.

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