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STRIPPED GUNS - "Threads Of Street Lights" (2020)


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from various internet sources:



“We have already reached this event, and epidemics of viruses or stock market crashes doesn’t break us. It’s time to announce the release of our first full-length album “Threads Of Street Lights“. That’s the statement of STRIPPED GUNS, a very young crew of rockers which type of music harkens back to 1987.Street rock, glam sleazy dirt, this is the focus of these lads at their twenties, making the music they love, uncompromising, and of course, managed by themselves

Stripped Guns put things clear from their name: Sunset Strip style 3-minute songs influenced by… LA Guns and Guns N’ Roses. They mention elements from the likes of Motley Crue, Skid Row, W.A.S.P., Aerosmith, Backyard Babies, etc, and I’ ll would add Hanoi Rocks as well plus some more modern exponents such as Hardcore Superstar or Crashdiet.

Of course Stripped Guns are not at the same level of the aforementioned acts, however they have something you can’t get easily: youth attitude, freshness.

Production wise – self done – also is not that huge, but again this benefits Stripped Guns’ style of music; these sleazy tunes are dirty, nasty, and in many ways bring to mind the very early, raw recordings by Motley Crue, Crashdiet or Hollywood Rose.

Heck, they even has that ‘Parental Advisory’ sticker on the cover artwork.

Song titles like ‘Party Never Ends’, ‘D’ya Think I’m a Bad Boy’, ‘Queens of Babylon’, ‘I’m Not Dead Yet’ speak by themselves. But they also did here a midpaced melodic rocker in ‘Heat of the Night’, still maintaining the grit.

A young band with a lot of attitude, and a lot of potential.

Well done guys, keep rocking.


01 – Party Never Ends
02 – D’ya Think I’m a Bad Boy
03 – Naughty Dreams
04 – Queens of Babylon
05 – Dangerous in Danger
06 – Wild at Heart
07 – I’m Not Dead Yet
08 – Dropped the Bomb
09 – Heat of the Night
10 – What Can I Do
11 – Love’s Gotta Hold on Me
12 – Girl, You Turn Me On (Bonus Track)

Tom Spice – Lead Vocal
Lexx Härvell – Guitars
Svagut – Bass
Dee Crash – Drums, Percussion



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How cool is 'Wild at heart?' Very nice. Assuming there is the same level of intensity and production value in the new album as there is in last year's tracks, I'd say these guys are full of potential, but sadly, still a way off the mark. I'd love to hear newly produced and invigorated versions of those songs on the album, but I'm assuming the songs we hear above are as they are on the album. 

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