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Any Venom fans left on here?


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Before I waste my time posting about it, first are their any Venom fans? I mean who follow them and care?

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Awesome, OK so you all know about Venom Inc, correct? if not, its basically what the name implies, it's Abaddon, and Mantas, with Tony The Demolition Man singing, you know the singer from those 3 infamous Venom albums Doggy refereed to, which under another band name probably wouldn't have been to bad, cause they were quality discs, they just weren't Venom, plus Tony singing for anyone other then Atomkraft also kind of gave me pause, but Venom Inc doesn't sound that bad, and new Venom I don't think sound that good, Cronos has some fags playing for him that I just don't dig, I think they are his siblings, and Ive been so let down with every release since Metal Black, that I am growing depressed, this is my favorite band in history, since the faithful day my dad cranked Black Metal in my living room at age 5, and I never thought Id say this, but it truly sounds like Cronos ought a suck it up and get the entire band back together, or call it a day, cause it sounds like on all the new discs, he just records a jam session, then releases it, there's no heart, or feeling, no song structure, no catchy choruses, or glorified ballads to Lucifer, he's not even writing cool lyrics, which he always wrote awesome Satanic lyrics, I am sad to say, today I didn't start my morning out with Venom like I almost always do, I jammed some Venom Inc, and I liked it, forgive me Satan for I have strayed, BTW, on a hilarious note, when Cronos started being a bitch about the band name, Mantas and Abaddon decided on Venom Inc to fuck with Cronos, that's the one and only reason, I thought it was gay when i first heard it, but after hearing about why they did that, I loved it, gave me a new respect for the guys. they may be worth checking out.


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