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Mikey Lawless, bassist of Falling Red passes away

Captain Howdy

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I had debated about posting this last week, but was really not that sure the band had any fans on here, and being that I kinda knew Mikey personally (not close, but to talk to) and am friends with several other members of the band past and present, it kinda hit me a little hard, but with the death of Neil Peart I felt it was only right to post this.

On Friday 3rd Jan 2020, Mikey passed away in hospital surrounded by friends and family.

Mikey was diagnosed early last year with incurable brain cancer and underwent a treatment of chemotherapy that had a 25% chance of giving him another two years to live.

In October he gave everyone an update that recent scans had shown the cancer had halved in size so looked incredibly positive.

As with most forms of cancer though, it came back with a vengeance sadly and sadly took his life.


Mikey had remained positive through out his treatment and even had a bucket list to do so he lived his last months to their fullest.

He and the band also took part in a fund raising drive for Macmillan Cancer through a benefit gig and t-shirts with the "Fuck cancer" slogan.

I don't know exactly how old he was, but at a best guess he was late 20s, maybe early 30s.

Here is the band statement on Facebook

"This was never going to be an easy post to write.

Peacefully at 16.45 today Mikey lost his battle with Cancer, after a 9 month fight and some ups and down he passed away in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary with his mum Linda, brother Brian and Sister Debbie by his side.

He was always wanting to party and enjoyed nothing more than making that bass rumble and has done everything he could to make sure that never stopped throughout, he still stepped out on stage and rocked out and was always there to meet and greet people.

11 years ago we first met Mikey and 6 years ago he became part of Falling Red, he jumped at the chance to be on the road with us and always stated if he couldn’t have the day off work, he would be there anyway.

We have lasting memories that will stay with us forever.

On behalf of Linda and Falling Red we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their love and support since his diagnosis.

Please respect the families privacy at this difficult time"



Rest in loudness Mikey. Keep that bass throbbing in the afterlife, dude.




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Wow that is sad and I remember this band and especially this my town tune and another Hell In My Eyes I think (anyways), played it a lot a while back and then it and the band got lost in the shuffle of life and other bands.

Thanks for posting Cap, I'm feeling a little shook as it certainly seems like this may have hit you and I hope you can get unshook.


Chin up mate and RIP to Mikey.

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Thing is, I am quite friendly with Dave and Rozey more than the other guys (and previous gutarist to their current one, Danny) but I have met Mikey several times, and when you are close to certain band members it is hard to not feel personal loss when another passes away like this. He was a really nice guy, and deserved a long life living his dream.

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I understand completely Cap and I am envious of your friendship and in a different time I'd lean on you raid the bands merch closet. :)

Even when we aren't at least acquaintances with artists we still get attached to some  degree and a passing resonates in our psyche's.

Again I hope you can come to terms and same for the other guys in the band that you still befriend. Maybe you all can lean on each other a bit and help each other out to some degree.

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