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Blind Revolution - Money, Love, Light


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From Roar Of Angels Records:

“Money, Love, Light” is exactly what you want to hear from a melodic hard rock album. Drawing inspiration from the legendary bands of this genre of music, Blind Revolution laid their personal touch to every single note in order to find their place in the new Rock ’n’ Roll music scene. Produced by Cristiano, Simone and Umberto Ferro, the album recordings took place at Futura Studio Recording & Production. Mixing and mastering were thoroughly crafted by Lorenzo “The Master” Coriglione, who gave the entire album a compact, impactful and at the same time melodic sound. All the typical elements of the Blind Revolution “brand” are well present here: Cristiano’s melodies, airy but also decisive when needed; Simone’s guitar grinds out riffing and always contextualized solos; Massimiliano’s bass is never trivial and gives depth to the band sound; Giovanni’s drumming knows how to “shield” sober and foil. The title of the album “Money, Love, Light” tries to enclose in three simple words the path described in the track list; A journey made of dreams, needs, disappointments and hopes. Stories in which each listener can somehow find himself, establishing a direct connection with the soul of Blind Revolution.

Cristiano Sipione – Vocals, Keyboards
Simone Sipione – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Massimiliano Ricciardo – Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards Programming
Giovanni Maucieri – Drums, Sequencer





Guiding Light


Knocking For Love

Mary Ann

Saints Of Our Days

Money And Run

Take The Magic Back

Getting Stronger

Never Let You Go

Keep On Dreaming

Rock’n’Roll Dream (Digital Bonus Track)



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