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Petra & Holy Soldier eras


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Which era of Petra do you like better? 1974-85, With Greg, or 1986-2003(?) with John? 


Which era of Holy Soldier do you like better? The first two albums, Holy Soldier & Last Train with Steven Patrick or Promise Man with idek who he is. 

I MUCH PREFER STEVEN & not as strongly but I prefer John over Greg. I guess Bob sang too and Rob Frazier on some too but Greg for short.  

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1986 to 2003 for Petra and in all honesty, I don't think the Holy Soldier question was worth asking.

If there is any single person here who genuinely says they prefer the 'Promise Man' album to the first two, I will resign from the forum. Cancel my membership and leave. Not because of the actual fact, but I am just that sure that no one here would prefer 'Promise Man' to the first two. ;)

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