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Southern Sons 2019 Reunion

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Interesting, but jeez they're interesting locations. That NSW location they're surely struggle to get 10 people there. :( I hope they add a date on the Central Coast later... 

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    • Make Love Like a Man - Def Leppard.   Released as a single from "Adrenalize". I've always hated it. Easily the worst DL song IMO.
    • Thanks mate. I don't know why I was having trouble finding it.
    • what a weird album.  The first 4 tracks are all great and exactly what I want to hear from TMF. then 2 gigantic fillers absolutely kills it imo.  the album in the second half loses momentum - 2 or 3 solid songs at best before a strong end in winner takes all. overall I think the Defiants is much better and teds last solo offering was awesome. I do like those first 4 tracks tho   
    • Seems like they stuck with the same gritty approach to production but it sounds a lot better than the debut. I'm digging this one!
    • I do like the song itself, but I would agree it's such a drastic change in pace that it disrupts the flow quite a bit.  I probably would have swapped that with 'Look Into Me' and placed it near the end of the album.
    • An evolution on the debut in the sound and production...more mature...more Defiants like😂 The title track sure crashes the momentum after the first four awesome tracks.     
    • Ok now that I have listened to it several times, this is my favourite song and it's a beauty. The last track on the album 'Last Train'. You get the vibe of Los Angeles and Sunset in one song. One of the best songs I have heard so far in 2020.    
    • It’s an anti “best of” list.  Songs that were big hits or band’s signature tracks that to be honest are not a favourite of yours...you can’t even add them to a “best of” mix on your phone or on a CDR...and some just down right suck!   Headed For A Heartbreak- Winger (so boring!) Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi (Dead please!) Dude Looks Like A Lady - Aerosmith (awful!)..Rag Doll was even worse Cherry Pie - Warrant (not a bad song but the majority of the rest of the album is way better) Mr. Roboto - Styx (I still can’t forgive Dennis for that mess) More Than Words- Extreme (I like the song but damn that was so not the Extreme sound in general...my dad thought it was the Everly Brothers) When The Children Cry - White Lion (I cry because I can’t take it anymore...too sappy) Pretty Fly For A White Guy - The Offspring (nice sell out boys) Enter Sandman - Metallica (It’s almost become a jingle and was so over played) Silent Lucidity- Queensryche (I saw them live and they ended the concert with this one...talk about not leaving the show on a high)
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