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Rankelson albums finally due to be issued on CD.

Captain Howdy

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The two Rankelson albums (Hungry for blood & Bastards of rock n roll) are both due to finally be released on CD.

The two albums are already in the HH database but have never officially been released on CD, only bootlegs so should not really be on the site.


Not 100% what whether they are getting separate releases or are being released as a two on one type deal, but Kim Hooker says he was approached by an American label to reissue the two albums in early 2020 on CD, and that the band are recording some new songs to make it even more appealing (original singer Col Sergeant sadly passed away the same year as Pepsi Tate).

Not sure how much desire there will be for the albums, but it is about time they got a proper release on CD.

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