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Sons of Apollo - "Dream On" & "Comfortably Numb"


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A note from Mike Portnoy on FB:

I hope you are all now enjoying the brand new Sons Of Apollo Live release “Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony”

As you may have noticed, there are 2 cover songs that are on the CDs that we weren’t allowed to include on the Blu-ray or DVD because the label could not secure the video synch liscenses from the original bands. 😔

I’m sharing these 2 tracks for you to enjoy while you can! 😉

I encourage you all to copy, save and share just in case “the powers that BLEED” eventually take it down...
Enjoy! 😎


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A synchronization license is an agreement between a music user and the owner of a copyrighted composition (song), that grants permission to release the song in a videoformat (YouTube, DVDs, Blue-ray discs). This permission is also calledsynchronization rights, synch rights, and sync rights.


Thank you Google. :drink: 

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