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A total piece of unusal luck

Captain Howdy

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So just recently I got into Teenage Casket Company, Rob Wylde from Midnite City's old band.

They do not have the biggest discography (Just 5 CDs between 2005 and 2016) but not much of it is available easily anymore.

The first one I bought was the easy one, the compilation of the debut album and EP. Then it was the EP.

Dial it up, the debut album started showing up out of the blue on various sites but I held off as they were usually around £16 a copy. Just a few weeks ago a few cheaper ones started popping up and I snagged one for £6 or thereabouts.

This just left the final two CD's, which seem to be the rarest.


Suddenly out of the blue, a single mint condition copy of Still standing pops up on eBay with a buy it now of £6.50, so yup, that was snatched up straight away.


Finally it was the rarest of the rare, Left for dead.

Left for dead was their final album and was basically a hodge podge of older demos, a few live tracks and a couple of newer recordings. What makes it so rare though is the only place it was available was at their final gig in Nottingham back in 2016 and was a limited numbered edition of only 50 pressed.

I thought I would never get hold of this one, but I commented on a TCC video on YouTube about how I had just discovered the band and it was sad that this album would probably never complete my collection. Within a short while Rob Lane, bassist for the band, replied saying "Hit me up as I can get you a copy".

After an quick email he sold me a mint condition signed copy for £10 (which included the postage) which was #50 of 50.


Sometimes we do get lucky as collectors.

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