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Venom - Storm The Gates

Dead Planet

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I was In rehab when this was posted, I'll add my 2 cents, I hate to be blasphemous towards my favorite band, but I am not a homer, I gotta be honest, when u put this CD on and start working, after about 45 minutes you stop what your doing, and start wondering why song 1 is still playing, this is uninspired, unthought and mindless rambling of instruments, their are zero guitar hooks, 4 power cords, not even in a pattern that stands out, no memorable choruses, or even any catchy choruses, hell u can't even tell if there are choruses, like I said, its difficult to even tell one song from another, the only positive side to this mess, is that I believe Cronos sounds better then he ever has before, I have no clue what he's doing but it's amazing, most voices decline badly, his just keeps getting better, also, he's really trying for the ultra low production sound of black metal, but it's very obvious this was recorded digitally in a million dollar studio, so it just sounds like bad production, not low production, this band that he has fucking suck, he needs to get good with Abadonn and Mantas or just hang it up, cause this shit is garbage, listen to Venom Inc instead, every Venom album has been worse and worse since Resurrection, I'm done even buying them anymore.

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