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Terra Nova - Raise Your Voice


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From melodicrock.com:

MRR presents the brand new TERRA NOVA album 'Raise Your Voice'


Digital Download of album delivered to your inbox within 24hrs of pre-order.
CD to feature exclusive additional track and new MRR artwork!

MelodicRock Records is pleased to announce the return of TERRA NOVA with their new, 7th studio album ‘Raise Your Voice’ due out January 30.

The new studio album will feature a different running order for this release (compared to the Japanese release), as well as having alternative artwork and one exclusive additional track.

Best of all – pre-order now and a digital download of the full album will be delivered to your inbox within 24hrs. 

Raise Your Voice is the 7th studio album of the Dutch band Terra Nova. In 1996 their highly acclaimed debut album Livin´ It Up was launched. After that the albums Break Away in 1997 and Make My Day in 1999 followed.

After the first three albums the band had to split up due to a conflict with their Dutch record company.
Fred, Ron and Gesuino continued under the name Aquila and released two albums: Say Yeah 2001, Man With A Mission 2004 and Reinvent Yourself in 2015.

In 2004 the band was free from their contractual obligations towards their Dutch record company and signed a record deal with Frontiers Records.

The first album after their break was Escape released 2005 followed by the album Come Alive 2010.

In 2015 Terra Nova was signed by Melodic Rock Records for the world and King Records for Japan.

Now the band continue their legacy with Raise Your Voice, filled with yet more of the band’s classic pomp-melodic rock goodness!



1.  Raise Your Voice  

2.  Rain  

3.  Be Who You Are  

4.  Rock 'N' Roll Hero  

5.  Breathe in Breathe Out  

6.  Trouble  

7.  Don't You Walk Away  

8.  Am I the Man  

9.  Blue Light  

10.  Better Days  

11.  Storm Coming (Japanese Bonus Track )

12.  The Other Side  

13.  It's Gonna Be Allright (Australian Bonus Track ) 




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Don't you walk away - song sounds like it was recorded with a $2 budget, and the video clip looks like it was shot with a $1.50 budget. But it's an okay song. Just a shame it all looks and sounds so second rate. :(

Rain - again, sounds like a demo track submitted before album recorded. 


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