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Neat Brother Firetribe related item


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At one point in time I was big into collecting CD singles, promos, etc., but I haven't really done anything with the collection in several years now. Every now and then, though, something comes along and piques my interest, so I'll pick it up.

I happened to be browsing eBay and came across a listing for a Brother Firetribe single, Runaways, which I already have, along with a CD single for the song "I Am Rock" (which BF fans should recognize)... but the band on the single was "Iron Dragön". Huh? Was it actually the same song? So I started doing some digging. As a result I clicked "Buy" and bought it.

There's not a whole lot out there about the release, but I found an article from 2010 on the following blog:


Translation per Google as follows:


"Pelkkää Lihaa" is a Finnish comedy series about an (actual) stupid heavy metal band called IRON DRAGÖN. They had big dreams - but only one song. This story is predestined for our category "One Hit Rockerz", right? Of course, only if this song is also a hit. Another version can be found on the second album of the Finns BROTHER FIRETRIBE. For the TV series, the number was recorded completely different. Of course, the Kings Of Tennis Metal itself. But that is only recognizable at second glance.

The IRON DRAGÖN version of "I Am Rock" sounds raw and heavy, like a demo of the BF piece, but arranged differently. The origin of this idea was that the production company of the series in the label of BROTHER FIRETRIBE had asked if there was a band in the portfolio that could write a song in the typical Eighties Vibe. They were at the right place with Pekka Ansio Heino and his boys. That it made an adapted version then on the second own album "Heart Full Of Fire", is obvious: because "I Am Rock" is simply a hymn.

Shortly to the story of "Pelkää Lihaa": As already mentioned, the 10-part series is about a heavy metal band that had big dreams. But they lacked not only more song material but also a suitable singer (they are still looking for a guitarist today). Pekka then played the same himself. Most of the band's activities take place in a bar. Translated, the series is called "Nothing but Meat" - this phrase is also found at the end of each episode. The spiders, the Finns! Unfortunately, there is only the original Finnish version (including on Youtube), so unfortunately we will not understand quite a lot. But the music compensates - and how.

IRON DRAGÖN are probably the only band that had a single song. "I Am Rock" is just great! And although IRON DRAGÖN similar to STEEL DRAGON in the Hollywood blockbuster "Rock Star" with Mark Wahlberg (who knows everyone here certainly knows) are a purely fictional band. 

Here are images of the CD single:







And underneath the spine foldover is an acknowledgement to Brother Firetribe:



Iron Dragon version (depending on your country it may be blocked):

Brother Firetribe version:



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