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Take Cover


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This is a really awesome band I more or less stumbled across accidentally. If you like stuff like Boy Like Girls' first two albums, this is well worth checking out. Nice big catchy choruses all over the place. Because of the generic band name it's a bit hard to really find out everything about them, but as far as I can tell they have these releases;

Take Cover EP (2008)

The Last Word (2009)

Waiting In the Moment - EP (2010)

The Dreamer and the Realist (2011)

Here's a few of my favourite songs;










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Here you go pal! Tis a tasty find the songs posted are fun and saccharine laced!


Band Members
Ryan Wickard - Vocals
Odin Holmes - Guitar/Vocals
Sean Grundhauser - Bass
Derek Johnson - Drums
Brady Trudeau - Guitar/Vocals
Minneapolis, MN


These should link you up to a gaggle more YT vids!

Also looks like the singer and drummer split off in 2012 ish to release this EP Golden:
Image result for take cover band
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