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Pavement Princess - First Night Out


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Been listening to this one this week and I've come to really like it. 
"The music of Pavement Princess can best be described as high energy, anthemic arena rock. It contains lots of melody, pounding drums and catchy choruses and guitar riffs. Influenced by some of the greatest bands in the genre, Pavement Princess listeners should expect songs that will stick in the head for a long time."

Not sure how long the songs will stick in my head but it's certainly been on heavy rotation this week. 

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Very nifty indeed and the name is synonymous around our house for those massive Ford F350's with 40" wheels  that have NEVER seen a mud puddle or dirt...



Of note the second link can take you to a dropbox link for those that want to download the album for the cost of nothing.




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Rather enjoying this effort. 


My review can be seen here:



Nicely placed on the bands website as well!



If you haven't added this one to your collection do so. The guys in the band are as nice as can be and the music, well its as nice as the album cover...

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For those that care I report sadly that vocalist and drummer Rene has died.


There is a quick post on the bands FB page and no details. He was so very young as well, born in the early seventies so in his late forties.


RIP Rene.

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