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Shipping from US to Europe?


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I have a question to all of you living in the  States. I asked one seller in the States about shipping without jewel cases and he said he can't ship without cases. And this is a highly respected business seller (many members on this board hold him in high regard).

Could someone in the States (who knows these things) give me an estimate figure for about 15 cds to be shipped to Europe (Finland) without cases? Give or take a few digipaks.

The seller wanted $50 in shipping for 13 cds (with cases).

Thanks in advance.



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13 CDs with cases, yeah I can easily see $50, especially once PayPal and/or eBay take their cut.

A small flat rate Priority Mail box (roughly 8.5" x 5.5" x 1.5") costs US$35.25 to send, meaning at least about $40 gross cost once fees are factored , and that would be WITHOUT cases. Even then, you might have a hard time fitting 13 with artwork in there.

A medium flat rate box jumps up to US$69 before fees.

Now, going plain 1st class international rate (not priority), a 3-pound package would cost US$35.75 and a 4-pound package would cost US$51.50, again before PayPal/eBay fees.

Shipping internationally from the U.S. is MUCH more expensive than it used to be.

P.S. The above prices don't include insurance above $50 in value, which would add more to the cost. Any astute seller will insist upon insurance for an international parcel.


I don't think the seller is trying to rip you off. It just costs too damned much over here, that's all.

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For instance Perris Records on Ebay charge $9 for the first item and $0.50 per additional. You buy 20 cds and the shipping cost would be $18.50 (without cases).

I understand shipping with cases is costly, I'm just disappointed the seller won't sell without cases.

This is the reply I got from the seller::


It just takes too much time and effort to unpackage them, and I really don’t think it would save much if any cost on shipping. The weight of a CD includes the weight of the inlay card and booklet. Booklets vary from 4 panels to 64 panels. The only way to know the weight for sure is to unpackage them and weight them after they are boxed up for shipment. I just don’t have the time to do that. Even if I did and the weight was too much and so you did not buy them, I couldn’t sell the unpackaged CDs here in the states."

I just don't get some of the logic. Why wouldn't I buy the cds? And too busy? Must every item be sealed?  I think he's afraid of getting screwed. Somehow.

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1 hour ago, Maarten said:

The seller can weigh the CD's, deduct the weight of jewel cases/trays and add the weight of the packing material. Should be easy, unless I'm overseeing something...

I'm sure he has a few cds around unpacked, he could just weigh one without the case and multiple the required amount and voila! He don't have to unpackage 13. But no can do.

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7 hours ago, heavyharmonies said:

13 CDs with cases, yeah I can easily see $50, especially once PayPal and/or eBay take their cut.


He's not on Ebay and I would've paid by credit card.

The postage shows automatically as you ad items to the shopping cart on his website. When it hits number 13, it shows $50 in shipment to Europe. It was then I emailed him asking without cases.

He has been in the business of selling CDs, DVDs and all sort of things since 1997 and here's the hilarous bit:  on his website it states "Our pricing and customer service is unmatched in the industry" :rofl2:

Come again? Fuck me sideways with a banana...that's some amazing customer service. :lol: I'm impressed.

If I was selling for profit, I'd go out of my way to please a customer. Maybe he's filthy rich or I'm just a small insignificant buyer, he clearly hasn't got time for me.

Clearly my money's not good enough although I have bought from him before 3 or 4 times (few items at a time).

I'd understand if he was worried about the CDs getting damaged or the like but that reply to my enquire was...unprofessional. And totally lazy.


In comparison:

I made an offer for a package of 100 CDs on Ebay early 2018 (seller: a reissuing record label whose owner is known for his antics on this board ;)), he accepted it and shipped the 100 CDs without cases for 50 or 60 bucks (can't exactly remember).

There you go. Which one would you prefer?

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