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Make Out Monday - Visions of Hollywood

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1    .    Bullet for Your Sweetheart

2    .    Shake It Like a Polaroid

3    .    Kissaphobic

4    .    Every Little Everything

5    .    Sunset Blvd.

6    .    Party on the Weekend

7    .    Desirae

8    .    Last December

9    .    American Cinema

10    .    Mascara Lines

11    .    Fear and Loathing (In the Valley)







This is an interesting one I picked up earlier in the year, that's been growing on me nicely. They have a really interesting sound, kind of halfway between something modern and some type of sleaze hard rock band. Cool vibe, and some cool tunes that are worth checking out;


Unfortunately I just noticed the best tunes aren't featured on youtube. Try and track down some samples of 'Sunset Blvd.' 'Last December,' 'Shake it like a polaroid' or 'Fear and Loathing (In the Valley).' 

The two singles on youtube (from this album) don't do the album justice at all, but I guess I'll post them as they're part of the package. This not at all what the band sound like, but apparently this was the single from the album;

This one's better but still not one of my faves from the album;


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NIce happy sound. Gonna see if I can sample the rest of the album at Itunes. Like Desirae the best of these 3.

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