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Kings of the Sun


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I happened to come across the news by chance but if you google Jeff Hoad or Kings of the Sun or check his facebook the following is happening (there's also some funny recent interviews):

Clifford Hoard (drummer) is still using the Kings of the Sun name. I never bothered with his album etc. but it looks like the band has imploded.

The two brothers are NOT getting along and not working together.

Jeff Hoad (singer) is using The Rich and Famous name (avoid those CDs) but has released a new EP (haven't heard this one). He has the original guitarist from KotS in the band. What got me excited is that he is doing a few gigs, one of them a big 80s tribute night with Jon Stevens, Ross Wilson, Dragon, Kids in the Kitchen etc. under the Kings of the Sun name. So they'll be doing a best of set list.

Wish I was up that way to go this gig as I only saw them 3 times in Melbourne (during debut opening for Roxus) and twice during the FFA launch. Great band, awesome songs and excellent live. Sure Jeff is 97 like the rest of us but this might be a once off!

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Saw them in early days when they had a guitarist from Uncanny X Men playing for them. Their first big break down here when they supported Guns N' Roses on Gunners first tour of Australia, Axel was very upset with Jeff he thought Jeff was pitching his raps between songs.

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Clifford Hoad's been beating the KoS drum (literally and metaphorically)  for a good few years now. I haven't heard the last album but the one before wasn't too shabby at all. 



Fascinating Jeff Hoad would play a show under the KoS name. Can't imagine Clifford would be so impressed. perhaps a promoter overstepping the mark? 



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And seems Clifford isn't so impressed. 

Hi all, Clifford Hoad here 
1f642.png:) I'm going to make this short and my last word on this as I have been inundated of late with the question of which brother is KINGS OF THE SUN and who owns the name? Well hate to disappoint a few of you but it is me. I have released the last 3 albums as KINGS OF THE SUN from 2013 -2017, and I own the trademark legally. I started the band, the name and the concept from day one, so if anyone has those rights to call themselves KINGS OF THE SUN morally or legally it is me. Does this now mean Brian Johnson has the right to go out and start up his own band and call it AC/DC ? I don't think so..... even after 35yrs of singing with his once band. All anyone has to ever do is look it up on the public Australian TRADEMARK search to realize this. I have nothing else to say on this matter.

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