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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: The Dogs D'Amour - "In The Dynamite Jet Saloon"


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This one was an interesting find. I took a chance on this at while I was down the shore in 1988. Had no idea who these guys were or what they'd sound like.

I was pleasantly surprised in the end. Glammy hard rock with some memorable choruses.

Became one of my favorites from 1988!

Here's a few tracks:






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Took awhile for me to appreciate this band. Wasn't til I was older that I started enjoying their sound. Reminds me slightly of The Quireboys

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Full points for somebody listed in New Jersey not calling a band from Newcastle the 'London Quireboys'.


Spike from The Quireboys and Tyla from DDM have collaborated a few times. Must confess I've not actually heard their output. 



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To be honest, on the Brit rock scene, this would not be considered a forgotten album, it would be classified as a classic.

Anyone talking about that era of bands would probably mention it alongside the likes of the debuts by the likes of Quireboys, Thunder and Little Angels.

Granted, they were probably the least successful of these bands, and this was not their best charting album, but it would certainly be considered by many to be one of their best.

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