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We Came As Romans - Cold Like War


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These guys have been getting less heavy and more melodic with every release and this sounds like further exploration of this path. Sounds like a must. Thanks for the heads up... this one has slipped by me. Looking forward to hearing it, based on that first tune. 

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2 hours ago, mrbandwidth said:

Wow, that's pretty raw. 28 years old. Very sad. He's left some really great, powerful tunes behind, and may he rest in peace. :(

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I must admit, with all else going on, it slipped my mind that one of their vocalists had passed. I must also say that despite this sadness, the band have not skipped a beat with the release of their new album, 'Darkbloom.' Man they are on some kind of streak. Brutally heavy in places, but equally melodic elsewhere, it's a beautiful blend. 

1    .    Darkbloom
2    .    Plagued
3    .    Black Hole (feat. Caleb Shomo)
4    .    Daggers
5    .    Golden
6    .    One More Day
7    .    Doublespeak
8    .    The Anchor
9    .    Holding The Embers
10    .    Promise You

A few of the most killer songs of the year so far on this one-




In hindsight, seems like one of many tributes to their fallen comrade on the album-



Highly recommended if you dig good music. 

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For the completists, two stand alone singles they released in the four years since the loss of one of their lead vocalists. The dude who passed was their clean vocalist, so these first two songs seem to lean well towards the heavier side of the band (both awesome songs, though, especially the first one). But the blend on the new album is much more like their last album with both vocalists. 



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