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I was searching through a box of old cassettes and found some Best Of Hard Rock cassettes I had made a long time ago. I have since been jamming to them and uploading them to the computer. So far, 65 tracks in:

Tora Tora "Walkin' Shoes"
Tall Stories "Wild On The Run"
Baton Rouge "Walks Like A Woman"
Dangerous Toys "Teas'n Pleas'n"
Hericane Alice "Wild Young And Crazy"
Vain "Beat The Bullet"
Trouble Tribe "Tattoo"
Spread Eagle "Switchblade Serenade"
Babylon A.D. "Hammer Swings Down"
Trixter "Heart Of Steel"
McQueen Street "When I'm In The Mood"
Wildside "So Far Away"
Nevada Beach "Waiting For An Angel"
Sweet F.A. "Prince Of The City"
Johnny Crash "No Bones About It"
Beau Nasty "Shake It"
Beggars & Thieves "Isn't It Easy"
Flame "Don't Look Down"
Tangier "On The Line"
XYZ "Inside Out"
Julliet "Eight Lives Gone"
Kik Tracee "Don't Need Rules"
Gypsy Rose "Poisoned By Love"
Saints & Sinners "Rip It Up"
Valentine "Runnin' On Luck Again"
Bangalore Choir "She Can't Stop"
Shotgun Messiah "Heartbreak Blvd"
Icon "Takin' MY Breath Away"
The Poor "Poison"
Fifth Angel "Midnight Love"
Roxy Blue "Rob The Cradle"
Tyketto "Forever Young"
Slik Toxik "Helluvatime"
Leatherwolf "Hideaway"
The Scream "Outlaw"
D.A.D. "Sleeping My Day Away"
Crimson Glory "Painted Skies"
Roxxi "Playin' Rough"
Heavens Edge "Skin To Skin"
The Graveyard Train "Down To The Wire"
Noisy Mama "Heart Of Stone"
Outlaw Blood "Body & Soul"
Asphalt Ballet "Tuesday's Rain"
Ugly Kid Joe "Neighbor"
Every Mother's Nightmare "Walls Come Down"
21 Guns "Knee Deep"
Unruly Child "Take Me Down Nasty"
The Throbs "Come Down Sister"
The Screaming Jets "Better"
Hardline "Hot Cherie"
Sons Of Angels "Cowgirl"
Jesse Strange "Down & Dirty"
Cats In Boots "Shotgun Sally"
Barracuda "Memory"
D'Molls "All I Want"
Roxx Gang "Scratch My Back"
Cold Sweat "Four On The Floor"
Lion "Never Surrender"
White Lion "All You Need Is Rock and Roll"
Giant "I'm A Believer"
Silent Rage "Runnin' On Love"
Dirty Rhythm "Backside Of Love"
Dirty Blonde "Passion"
No Sweat "Shake"
Cry Wolf "Back To You"



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