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Fire Rose - Devil On High Heels (2016)


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FIRE ROSE - Devil On High Heels (2016)




“Devil On High Heels” is the debut album from FIRE ROSE, a Swiss band formed not long ago yet including experienced musicians from the local scene.


Their music is classic '80s hard rock with a strong middle-80s European style, think German / Danish bands from the era.


You can tell Fire Rose was founded by guitarist Simon Giese, as “Devil On High Heels” is a true guitar driven album. There's lot of riffs & solos here, but also powerhouse vocals by Pascal Dahinden’s who owns that classic raspy output, plus we find quite anthemic choruses.


Dahinden is no longer with the band having left after the recording due to personal problems and bassist, Adrian Thommen, sadly passed away. This album will surely keep a bit of him alive.


As said, Fire Rose is classic '80s Hard Rock but with a punchy modern production, and a one really one for sure despite being self-managed.


Opener 'Wheels On Fire' is one of the highlights, a really catchy hard rocker with a pumping rhythm section, sharp guitars and a huge chorus ready for the arenas.




"Fire 'n' Ice" adds more groove in the vein of Fate, then the highly melodic 'Fades To Grey' has a Jaded Heart and German overall influence as well, another highlight for me.


Some tracks like 'Falling' go a bit for a metallic edge, as well as the anthemic 'Together We Stand', while 'Don't Need Somebody' and 'Devil On High Heels' have a more classic hard rock feel.


They can craft a quite powerful ballad too on 'I Love You' (Gotthard influences), and a party-rocker in 'Tequila'.


“Devil On High Heels” is one of the best albums I heard from a Swiss hard rock band in a while. Fire Rose has the chops, the musicianship and they know how to write a classy song in this genre.


There's variety as well; hard rockers with groove & melody, more edgy metallic numbers, ballads, all wrapped by a really good production.


Solid stuff. Chapeau!


01 - Wheels On Fire
02 - Fire 'n' Ice
03 - On The Edge
04 - Don't Need Somebody
05 - Heavy Metal Still Burns
06 - Fades To Grey
07 - Falling
08 - Devil On High Heels
09 - I Love You
10 - Light Of Hope
11 - Tequila
12 - Together We Stand
13 - We Are Wild


Philipp Meier - Vocals
Pascal Dahinden - Vocals (on the record)
Simon Giese - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Florian Giese - Guitar
Janick Schaffner, Adrian Thommen - Bass
Daniel Kopp - Drums




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Not a fan at all. And wow, what an intro. The lead singer's already left the band and the bass player died. Wow. Anyone know what happened to the bass player?

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