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Devine Electric - Devine Electric


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Devine Electric - Devine Electric


01. It Happens All The Time
02. You’re So Vicious
03. Shy Love
04. One On One
05. Don’t Lie To Me
06. Tears You Cry
07. Good To See You Again
08. I Wanna Change The World
09. Don’t Feel Like Home





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That's terrible. Why did the lead singer form a band with all his Dad's mates? I think I might have seen these guys open for someone is Australia too. If it's who I'm thinking of that lead singer was quite the character. But yeah, their music was/is awful.


Greatest thing about that first clip is the guy polishing off a Hooten beer at the start. That is a horrific $30 per case German beer. I'd seriously rather drink urine. Which is basically what he did in drinking that.

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