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Blackfoot - Southern Native


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It's a good track and i've just got the album, so gonna give it a good workout over the weekend. Still not sure about this being Blackfoot though with no original members present, except Rickey making a guest appearance, but i suppose if Rickey has given it his blessing, then we'll have to go with it

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Didn't catch this on the first go 'round, but after hearing the Southern Native track and enjoying it thoroughly I had to do a little poking about and it seems Rickey Medlocke is doing what Kiss proposed to be doing in a bit having an officially endorsed cover band in each state, now there is currently only 1 Blackfoot but it seems this is what they are up to. Rickey did a Zigue Zigue Sputnick with these new guys and presto chango there you go.


Here is an article from CRR that sums it up nicely:

Okay… this one is a cool story, so sit down and crank up some Blackfoot and let me introduce you to… Blackfoot! Yep, this is a new album by the Southern Rock band Blackfoot… only there are no members of the original Blackfoot in Blackfoot anymore.

No, it is not what you think. This is not one of those bands trying to make a buck and touring with old dudes who might have played one song from one of the bands old albums with no original members. Blackfoot is telling you loudly and proudly that they do NOT have any original members. It is a new album with all new members. They are young, hungry and ready to keep the Southern Rock torch alive and well.

The man who founded the band back in 1970, Rickey Medlocke (currently in Lynyrd Skynyrd) has mentored this pack of renegade rockers specifically for this purpose. When not flying the “Free Bird” flag around the world, Medlocke has written, performed on and produced this album, which is titled with a very cool and fitting Southern Rock name… Southern Native.

Blackfoot were always that Southern Band with balls… along with Molly Hatchet, they gave the genre a harder rocking edge so much so that Medlocke knew if he were to pull this next generation of ‘Foot off he would have to be sure they had a tough and hardened edge to them. He found them in lead guitarist/vocalist Tim Rossi, guitarist/vocalist Rick Krasowski, bassist Brian Carpenter and drummer Matt Anastasi. Trust me, these boys can throw down some bad-ass guitar riffs that have grits in the grooves. Medlocke is excited to introduce his band, this new band, to the world. He smiles when he states, “This record is head to head old-school meets new school, classic to new rock for a brand new generation. Turn it up loud!”

Blackfoot always were a multi-generational band. The past albums featured Rickey’s grandfather, the amazing Shorty Medlocke, on their records. Now it is Rickey’s turn to mentor. Tim Rossi is aware of the band’s history when he says, “Having Rickey play slide and other guitar with us on this record bridges the modern gap. It’s a full-circle kind of thing.”

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