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Hard Knox - Psycho's R Us


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I don't know just how well known these guys are outside of the Wasatch Front area, but if you are a fan, Im certain if you weren't aware of the news, you will be delighted to hear about these seemingly impossible 10 years ago, but blood moving info im telling you now, this band was never supposed to talk to each other ever again, and here we are today, and they are on the verge not only the Remaster(which is already completed) but merely days away from being talked into actually performing live again, hows about that shit? I will pas info along to you as I find it out. or you can go seek it out yourselves.I already received my disc, and heres the latest word I pulled off of Facebook.


Let’s make some noise and get these guys up on stage again! Hard Knox is one of the best bands and we are looking forward to their return to the stage sometime soon! If you haven't checked out there page yet please do so and give it a like. Keep your eyes and ears out for a possible reunion of this kick ass band!. Get your remastered copy of the Hard Knox CD, Psyco's R US. Contact Therron Arrington at 801-573-4236. TNT Rocker Promotions is Tracey Jackson-Owner/Manager, Sheila Glasgow-Promotions Coordinator, Dori Mead-Page Editor and Alan Roy Carrington-Photography/Video.

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It appears you linked me back to my own post, is that intentional? being a wise ass? I know this fucking guy, dig, there was this fucking guy and he decided he wanted to be a wise ass, and im like, Hey! fucking guy!

what the fuck? check this fucking guy out, and he's like no im being serious, then he just vanished, strangest fucking shit I ever came across, no what i mean, get it? ya dig?

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