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Hear N' Aid Covers


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So for fun I thought I would revisit that epic rock tune that RJD penned so many years ago "Stars". After watching the entire video, its on line so go get it, I stumbled upon this 2015 version from a grip of South Korean hard rock and metal bands that I have never heard of (I will change that shortly with some more Googling) but they do a fantastic job of covering this tune!








Damn here is another version of "South Korean" musicians from 2007 killing this tune in good way! And be damned, just 2 guys...


Original by Hear N Aid
by MULE(www.mule.co.kr)Guitarists
& RTOWN vocalists(www.rtown21.com)
2006. 9. 17.





Another from 2013 in Es Spaniol.





2014 Russian version!


20 years after the tragic death of the unique guitarist Mike Zötl, about 50 musicians joined, in order to state the survival of "Metal Music" in the hearts of the Metal community of Kiel!!!


I love in this one at about 320 this dude is shredding and a little girl is sitting next to dad waiting for him to be done. :)




A bunch of frikkin' Canuk's from Manitoba!




Italian musicians version from 2014...




And another from Italian musicians from 2010:





I am certain there are more to be had and I sure am enjoying all the different variants to this killer song. Very cool to whatch these musicians belt and wail and shred there hearts out!




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The German band Powergod did "Stars" on their 2010 covers album "Bleed For the Gods - That's Metal Lesson 1," with a bunch of guest vocalists (incl. Sabina from Holy Moses and Rob Rock) lending their voices


The rest of the album is quite tasty as well, with kickin' covers of oldschool goodies like Stryper's "Soldiers Under Command," Anthrax's "Madhouse," Warlock's "Burning the Witches," and Metal Church's "Metal Church" amongst others...

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Oh my now this one is quite bad indeed. Listen at your own risk, but do so as you will have a laugh.





However here is a good one from Spain.





Here is a mixed bag one:



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These have been great! The one from Spain had a female voice but I don't see a female in the vid?! Figures! lol

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