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HEAVY STAR - Electric Overdrive (2016)


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"Electric Overdrive" is the debut by HEAVY STAR, a new Italian hard rock outfit led by guitar wiz Marco K-Ace, who made his first impact at the debut album from Chris Catena, titled Freak Out.


Backed by his fellow countrymen Albert Fish (vocals), Danny Slade (guitars), Roberto Biaggione (bass) and Mauro Money (drums) the five piece seems to have a weakness for the '80s US melodic hard rock / hair metal, and they are darn good at it.


I can see (or hear) why Chris Catena hired K-Ace as axeman: the guy delivers a bunch of really hot riffs & solos here, melodic, valvular and indeed 'Electric Overdriven'. He has collaborated as well with the likes of Glenn Hughes, John Lawton, Dave Meniketti, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Aldridge, and more, so this is a seriously gifted guitarist.


I am truly impressed by the massive sound of Heavy Star, which makes you go back to the heyday when bands like Ratt, Skid Row, Tesla, Lynch Mob or Black N' Blue were at the top of music charts worldwide.


Along K-Ace and his awesome six-string work, Albert Fish is a true revelation at the mic. His vocals are somehow reminiscent of Sebastian Bach in the very first Skid Row, while the rhythm section is solid as a rock.



The kicking 'Love And Affection', the groovy 'Blessed', the dirty title track and the sleazy 'Higher Than The Sun' are all strong hard rockers in the best '80s American tradition.


'Desperation Alley' is more hair metal, catchy, 'Wicked Seed (Fallen)' has some Lynch Mob groove on it, while 'Serena' is the obligatory power ballad in a Tesla vein.


Strongly performed and with a very good production, Heavy Star rocks like in the good 'ol L.A. times with powerful and melodic songs in "Electric Overdrive". It's being released by Perris Records, so you know quality is guaranteed.


A really welcomed combo to the present Melodic Hard Rock renaissance.


01 - Love And Affection
02 - Blessed
03 - Electric Overdrive
04 - Higher Than The Sun
05 - Desperation Alley
06 - Wicked Seed (Fallen)
07 - Serena


Albert Fish (vocals)
Marco K-ACE (guitar, backing vocals)
Danny Slade (guitar)
Roberto Biaggioni (bass, backing vocals)
Mauro Money (drums)




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