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Eclipse: How does Armageddonize compare to first 2 albums?


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Came back to this thread as I've had plenty of time now to check out Armageddonize, Bleed & Scream and Are You Ready To Rock...


I have to say I rank the albums with Armageddonize first. I really love the album and it nails my tastes perfectly. I think it's basically the perfect blend of the best elements from Ready to Rock and Bleed & Scream. If I had to rate it I think I'd be giving it darn near a perfect score as I really can't say anything bad about it at all. There is really only one track I don't care much for (All Died Young) but the rest is melodic rock perfection to my ears.


As for Bleed & Scream...It's good but I don't feel nearly as strong about it. There are basically about 5 songs I really, really like (Wake Me Up, Bleed & Scream, Ain't Dead Yet, SOS and About To Break) and then I could take or leave the rest of it. The songs all sound great...I think it's just the subject matter or lyrics that just don't do much for me...Kinda hard to explain....I don't know if it's the melodies or what. Basically, I think I was just spoiled a bit since Armageddonize was the first time I've ever listened to Eclipse so I'm comparing everything to that. Anyways, if I were putting a rating on it I'd say probably around 87...It's still good stuff but doesn't knock my socks off the way Armageddonize does.


As for Are You Ready To Rock, not really getting into that one all that much. Again, probably spoiled because it was the third album I listened to after the two above...something tells me I would've liked it much more had I heard it back in 2008. It's not terrible by any means but really only a few songs I really like on it (Unbreakable, Million Miles Away, Breaking My Heart Again). I'm not even sure it's fair to try assigning a number rating to it...Probably 75-80 if I had to. I really do think it's spoiled for me because of how good some of the newer stuff from them is and it's overshadowing the older stuff.


Honestly though, I've basically burned one disc with the Armageddoinze tracks and my favorite tracks from the other 2 albums....What a glorious album I've made...I'd rate it about 125 :)


Plenty of good stuff on these albums though and appreciate all the comments.....Eclipse is clearly on my radar now :) Looking forward to see what they come out with next.

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