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Fab Box - 2


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From FB:



After six years from their debut album “Music from the Fab Box”, Fab Box are back on back on track with a new work released by Italian label Art Media Music.


The italian melodic rock duo formed by Fabrizio Ugolini (former vocalist of hard rock band Revenge) and Massimo Bozzi (whose collaborations include big stars from Italian pop scene) returns to propose their mixture of rock, pop, country and westcoast sound that had already garnered enthusiastic response for their debut album.

Simply titled "Two", the album features ten tracks written, arranged and produced by Fabrizio and Massimo.

The songs were recorded in the studios of Art Media Music of Mondolfo (PU - Italy), featuring Matteo Pantaleoni (drums) Matteo Moretti (bass) as well as various Italian and international guest musicians including Paolo Pedretti, Paolo Gennari, Tonino "Crosby" Landini and Gab Guma. Fab Box also teamed with Caris Arkin and the well known bass player and producer Fabrizio Grossi.


“Two” is an attempt for Fab Box to further characterise their sound towards a more rocking attitude, without giving up to the richness of atmospheres and influences that marked their music in such a peculiar way. The result is a pleasantly varied album, with instanct radio appeal songs as “Unconditional” and “Test of Time”, 80’s flavour rockers (”Something is coming your way“ , ”Heaven on Earth”, “Starting up a fire”) and some more intimistic ballads (”Freedom”, “Kathy” e “It’s not the end”).


Anticipated by the relase of the video for the first single “Unconditional”, “Two” will be available in stores from the 7th December 2015.




1 - Unconditional

2 - Two

3 - Something is coming your way

4 - Test of time

5 - Down to you

6 - Freedom

7 - Heaven on earth

8 - Kathy

9 - Starting up a fire

10 - It's not the end

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