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Full Nothing - s/t


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This is excellent stuff!

Apparently only in digital form... :(


From FB:


Full Nothing is an international dark rock/metal project created in 2012 by Nicolas Marcos , Guillermo De Medio and Augusto Amicon.
Session musicians and world class vocalists joined in and helped build a wide range of refined options that gave shape to the Full Nothing universe.
The songs contain dark moments and atmospheric interludes, as well as agressive riffs and orchestral arrangements. Powerful blocks of music co exist with electronic sounds.

Arts , lyrics and concept were created by Nicolas Marcos, while the musical arrangements and overall production came from Guillermo De Medio .The first album was recorded in different studios around the world, and it was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. "FULL NOTHING" had its world premiere on August 2015.

The project aims to transmit a game of dualities, a construction between opposites and a synthesis towards a different concept.
This is Full Nothing, an enriched world through the joining of opposites sides.The power of different colours and diverse feelings expressed through the music.
Where the sacred and the profane become both music and poetry , the endless and the ephemeral live together as opposites in a simultaneous impulse to unlimited creation. The Nothingness comes alive with full strength ...




Mats Leven, Juha Kylmanen, Nayla Scalia, Egan O' Rourke, Kelly Sundown, Thomas Vikstrom, Jonny Lindkvist, Edu Falaschi: Vocals
Nicolás Marcos: Rhythm, Acoustic and Additional Guitars
Guillermo De Medio: Keyboards, Additional Guitars, Programming
Augusto Amicon: Backing Vocals
Christian Vidal: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Charlie Giardina: Bass
Alan Fritzler: Drums
Emmanuel Lopez: Additional Guitars
Saro Danelian: Duduk, Oboe
Max Lilja: Cello










01. The Claim Forgotten
02. Midnight Warning
03. Forbidden
04. Sunlight
05. Moonlight
06. The Book of Fears
07. Where the River Flows to Die
08. Return
09. The Call of Nothing
10. The Endless Time
11. Titan Tale's (part 1)
12. Titan Tale's (part 2)
13. Epitaph
14. In Nothingness We Trust














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Only digital? That first photo is misleading, then.


Good point.

I've searched the whole day (well a few minutes anyway... ;) ) on the web to find a place to get a physical copy.

Well....nothing. Only downloads.



That's a shame, as it does sound excellent. I'll e-mail them, and see if they have plans to release it properly.

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These guys finally got back to me. Currently, the physical copy is only available in Latin America, but will get a worldwide release soon. They didn't give me a link to any Latin America vendors, and I didn't bother asking, because it'll probably be available to the rest of the world by the time they reply.

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