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Cervello - s/t


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Anyone heard of these guys? They didn't invent the wheel but this is a very solid modern rock/hard rock debut from 2011. Sadly they called it a day soon after. They didn't get the recognition they deserved.

I'm digging this a lot.



From FB:

Cervello’s music speaks volumes and marks the start of what some believe is sure to be the beginning of a new and changing modern rock world of tomorrow. With powerful vocals and underlying melodies, soaring guitar solos and driving bass lines topped off with pounding drums delivered with a passion and professionalism executed live as well as in the studio.

Cervello burst onto the Stockholm club scene a couple of years ago when singer/guitarist Michel Baioni initially formed and started to shape the band. Each band member has been immersed in the music scene for some time, touring in separate acts prior to inevitably pulling together sharing the same vision and dreams to drive home true hard hitting Rock & Roll to the world.

Realising the great potential of Cervello and their music the band signed with Cosmos Music Group and recorded their debut self titled album with producer Henrik Edenhed (Dead By April, Robyn). The album was released in October 2011 including singles Carry Me Home, First Time, Cause I Am and Stay and Bleed amongst a truly well honed and diverse collection of real modern Rock music!







Carry Me Home



First Time

Cause I Am

The Cure

Inside Out

Stay And Bleed

Top Of The World













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I dunno, not bad, all the songs sound a bit samey and the singer sounds like he's angry and shouting at someone. Kinda boring if you ask me.

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I think I did try this album back when it was released, but the fact that I can't remember it means I probably didn't think too much of it. Songs sound okay, but yeah, something I'd typically forget pretty quick.

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