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Dion Bayman - Afterburn


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Pretty impressive one-man show. He's doing everything on this album.

I dig it.

Review from metal-temple.com (by Marcus TheRocker):

When doing research for a promo I get, I usually like to get as much info as I can so I know what to expect and when I see that only one person is responsible for everything on the album, my first thought is “oh dear this is not good” as usually one person is not enough to create a high quality rock album and usually the results can vary from atrocious to okay but not great. I have received promos before where that has been the case as some have been average but not my cup of tea so the question is, is it the same all over again with the promo in today’s review? Let us find out shall we?

The album in question is called “Afterburn” by Australian musician Dion Bayman and is a self-released, self-made and self-produced album where Dion is responsible for all the music and everything else such as the mixing and the production. Having already gained critical acclaim and positive reviews for his previous album “Smoke and Mirrors”, Dion has come back with a new album, entitled “Afterburn”and that has already got the positive reviews simply rolling in but the question is, do I agree with the reviews?

The one concern I did have with this album is that it would be very badly made just like a few other one person albums I have reviewed but, I will admit, I was totally blown away by what I heard and surprised the moment I listened to the first song.

Why was I blown away and surprised? To put it simply, this is far from being a poorly made one person album because to be honest, it is the total opposite, for it is nothing short of amazing but then Melodic Rock albums usually are and that’s the style this artist is classified as. Everything is powerful, harmonic and melodic on this record including the guitars and the keyboards which are two of the main components in a good Melodic Rock release.

The other components include good mixing and production but the number one priority is to make sure the vocals are top notch and that’s what you get here as Dion Bayman has a very soulful singing voice that is powerful and melodic. When I first heard him sing, I thought back to some of the ending themes of the Pokemon movies as listening to Dion sing, his voice sounded similar to those of the male singers I have heard from the Pokemon movies including Aaron Brotherton and Alex Nackman. I know that sounds like a strange comparison to make and you’ll probably disagree with me but that is genuinely what I first though the moment I heard the vocals on this album.

Usually with one person albums, I always find something to nit-pick and complain about as I am never usually impressed with them but you know what? I can’t find anything to nitpick or complain about with this album as there is nothing wrong with it at all and boy am I glad about that as I really like this album.

Verdict time now and it’s an easy one to write. This may be a one person only album but because it’s a Melodic Rock album, it’s full of soul, power and passion and you will find yourself blown away by just how good it is and it’s now made me realize that there are one person albums out there which are good and I look forward to reviewing them as and when I get them but for now, I’m happy listening to this masterpiece from Dion Bayman.




Listen and buy the album here: https://dionbayman.bandcamp.com/album/afterburn










01. The Great Unknown
02. Bittersweet
03. I Remember
04. You and I
05. Into My Arms
06. You Might Think I Don't Want You (You're Wrong)
07. Never Fade Away
08. Strong
09. Possession
10. Morning Light
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