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Lioncage - Done At Last


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From Escape Music:

Lioncage are a new band from Germany and they all met at a festival in Loreley that was headlined by Toto and Whitesnake. As all three band members are influenced by 80’s rock such as Toto, Foreigner and Journey then it was an easy decision to form a band themselves. They all had played in cover bands previously and so the playing came naturally. The three set about writing their own material and the result sounds great.

What we have here is polished guitar driven melodic rock and keyboard drenched ballads that we all love. If you love that eighties sound then this is an album for you, the overall sound is good solid melodic rock and mixed / produced by Lars himself.

Songs like Mission of Love, Falling and Where do we go all have an air of originality and the band have managed to find their own niche sound that reveals their influences but gives their originality a chance to shine through. These are well written songs and are really catchy.

Lioncage already have a good following which is only going to grow when this new release hits the streets…. Watch this space.



Release date: 19th June, 2015
Catalogue No: ESM278
Bar Code: 5 031281 00278 5


1-Mission of love 4:13
2- Stay 4:01
3- Fallin 4:36
4- Dancing Queen 4:12
5- Till the morning comes 4:05
6- Where do we go 5:20
7- Don’t Be Afraid 3:57
8- Reach the Stars 3:40
9- Pictures 4:32
10- Down Under 4:22

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A couple of the songs in the middle are kind of okay, basic AOR. The start and end of the album is weak, though. This personifies the kind of album that should be overlooked by everyone... and one that will be forgotten before it was even released...

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