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Kiko (Angra) is Megadeth's new guitarist


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Is this news for real? What does this mean for Angra? Does this mean I should be excited about Megadeth coz I haven't paid them much attention since Countdown to Extinction!

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I think he's playing in both bands, probably like Reb Beach do for Whitesnake and Winger, and probably Angra isn't really active touring so this is good for Kiko I guess. And Chris Adler (Lamb of God) is filling Megadeth's drummer position

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I'm a Megadeth fanboy but this news has me goin' "Kiko who now?"


All I know 'bout Angra is their cover of "Painkiller" from Century Media's Judas Priest tribute album that came out dog years ago....which was an unintentional comedy hit due to the singer's thick-as-hell accent...


"Fasta dan a boo-let!! Terrifyin' scream!
Enraged an' fool of anga, he harf man 'n' harf ma-cheen!
Rike a metal monsta, breeding smoke an' fi-yah
Closing een wees wengeance soaring HIIIIIGH
He ees Da Pain-Kee-Lah

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You need to check out angra. Not sure why you would have an issue with andre matos' voice if you're a mustaine fanboy ;)

Perhaps check out the album rebirth which had their second singer. If you don't like it... then you're taste in music socks ;)

Jokes aside, he's a great guitar player!

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