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Grinder Blues – S/T

Dead Planet

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Obviously THE Dug Pinnick and another side project. Sounds like Kings X to me. Which is fine by me.




Legendary King’s X frontman dUg Pinnick joins forces with EMMY Award winning blues rockers The Bihlman Bros. for a musical pilgrimage that unites blues and rock in glorious soul revelry known as Grinder Blues.

After collaborating together on production music for film and TV, the songwriting team of Pinnick/Bihlman/Bihlman has expanded the scope of the project into a sonic chef d’oeuvre guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning musical palate!

dUg Pinnick is a revelation on vocals, digging deep into his number one soul brotha vibe. And of course, his signature bony bass tone is as hard core as ever. Scot “Little” Bihlman on drums, percussion, and vox, brings a heavy groove, pushing air through musical genres like a steamboat rolling down the Mississippi. Jabo Bihlman on guitars and vox, brings a heavy tone with surprisingly subtle nuances of traditional blues combined with searing, down and dirty lead work.

The band has embarked on a genre-bending musical journey that has come to be known as Grinder Blues.

Along with producer/engineer Miles Fulwider (Wynton Marsalis, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson, Chick Corea, Rob Mathes) and Barry Mork, the band has embarked on this journey that has come to be known as Grinder Blues…

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