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SNAKE EYE - III (2015)


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courtesy of odayrox2: http://0dayrox2.blogspot.com/2015/02/SNAKE-EYE-III-2015-Milojevic-Harem-Scarem-White-Lion-Dokken-Winger-Warrant.html



Almost silently released few days ago, there's a Melodic Hard Rock album you need to pay attention; "III", by SNAKE EYE. Yes, it's the 3rd CD by Snake Eye, which previous album was released by American label Kivel Records and received great reviews.

Indeed, Snake Eye are not newcomers into the scene, so expect pretty good quality in songwriting, performances and overall production / sound. Frontman Boban Milojevic previously sung and recorded with Voodoo Smile and Wicked Sensation, two very good bands, while lead guitarist Xavier Paladian is a talented axe-man with a style like a cross between Vito Bratta of White Lion, Eddie Van Halen and Pete Lesperance of Harem Scarem.


It took nine years to Snake Eye to record this third album, now signed by the prestigious European label Brennus Music. The Melodic Hard Rock landscape has changed a bit in the last ten years, but Snake Eye remains faithful to their late '80s influences, and this is clear throughout "III".



this video features an unmixed / demo version of the song


The solid opener "Resurrection" sets the tone for the entire CD, a catchy melodic hard rocker with Harem Scarem melodies all over, precise rhythm guitars, nice harmonies and a hot, killer solo. Then "Freak" adds some Winger waves to its verses which explodes into a pretty aggressive chorus.


Next, "Turn Around" change the atmosphere in the form of a meaty mid-tempo rich in harmonies and a delicious main melody. Think late '80s Warrant or White Lion. This is really good stuff!

These 3 first tracks paint pretty well what this album is all about; a mix of melodic midtempos & more rockin' tunes.


Among the former there's the really interesting "Never Enough" - a highlight - a melodic rocker with original arrangements, the soaring "Live to Die" and the highly harmonized "Make It".


If you need harder rockers, try the kick ass "Cry for Mercy" akin Dokken, the groovy "Take Me Back" or the more classy "Sail Away".


Of course, there's a ballad yet not in the typical way: "All I Need", while slow, still nails the rocking spirit.




Coming out of nowhere (in fact, the band is based in France) Snake Eye has delivered a surprisingly good classic Melodic Hard Rock album in "III".


Songs in the pure sound / style of the genre, with a really solid lead vocal work by Boban Milojevic - the band's 3-part harmonies are great as well - and a te-rri-fic lead guitarist made this album a winner. Seriously, you should check Xavier Paladian's guitar work, it's awesome.


As said, if you love your Melodic Hard Rock in the true sense of the genre (read Harem Scarem, White Lion, Dokken, Winger, Warrant) you need to check these guys pronto.


Highly Recommended.

01 - Resurrection
02 - Freak
03 - Turn Around
04 - Never Enough
05 - Highway to Love
06 - Cry for Mercy
07 - Take Me Back
08 - Live to Die
09 - Sail Away
10 - Make It
11 - All I Need

Boban Milojevic - lead and backing vocals
Xavier Paladian - guitar, backing vocals
David Atlan - guitar
Yvan Ramanantsoa - bass
Dominique Morroni - drums, backing vocals


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Heard the first 3 songs from this just before I got out my car this afternoon - sounded pretty good to me. Nice sound, good style. Hoping for a pretty good album. I don't think either of their first two have done much for me bar a song or two, but hopefully this is their best.

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