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21Octayne - 'Into The Open'


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At the moment, this is the last release from 2014 that I heard and I was curious to know if anyone else latched onto it. It's a surprisingly nice release. Excellent in places. Probably aimed more at past regulars like Wes and Pete and the like, but I'd be curious to know what people think of this one. Good, well written and composed hard rock disc. It's not perfect, but there's some really good stuff on it. Sadly I can't find many videos on Youtube.




Track List:


1. She's Killing Me

2. Dear Friend
3. Turn the World
4. Don't Turn Away
5. My Teddy Bear
6. Into the Open
7. Me Myself and I
8. The Heart (Save Me)
9. Your Life
10. I Will Always Be Right There
11. Leave My Head
12. Come Alive
How's this one for a massive, soaring ballad:
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Early on in the year? Really? Did I miss a thread in my downtime here? I'll check now. Sorry if I repeated the thread. I only saw this come up at the end of the year and assumed it was released in the dying moments of 2014.

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I probably should have said "Earlier"...

I posted samples on the main site back in July:


I guess this tells me how much people pay attention to those posts... :whistle:

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Haha, I do actually remember that post but thought I'd already checked out everything worth hearing. DAD released an album last year? Really? :lol:


Anyway, maybe next time you should add a little subtle hint; something along the lines of "Hey dickheads, there's actually one worth hearing in this lot!' ;)

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