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Doctor - High is as High Gets


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Lately I've been going through a bunch of albums I never gave a proper listen to. This Canadian band formed from members of The Watchmen and Change of Heart. While those two bands were, or are -- I'm not sure if they're still together -- Doctor was more Post-Grunge. This album is quite Melodic, and I think som eof you would definitely appreciate it. While it's probably relatively rare -- most Canadian one-off bands typically are -- you should be able to score it for a few bucks.


Unfortunately, this is the only track I could find on the Internets. Maybe I'll throw the album on the FaceTubes.


What Makes You Think He's Lucky?



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Chorus sounds okay, but otherwise it's a terrible sound/style and production is shit too. I would not even think of checking this out for the sake of that decent hook.

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