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How many of you are familiar with this gem?


I have not been shy about how much I love Wall of Silence, and, as these guys went on to form said band, I had been after this album for a while. When I first got it I was slightly disappointed. I suppose I was expecting the same band. But The Works are not the same. Not exactly. I mean, there are songs here that could fit nicely on Shock to the System, but then there are some that definitely would not.


After giving this some time, I have been able to separate the two, and appreciate this for what it is. It is its own animal. And it is amazing!


I really wish these guys did more work together. I'm trying to hunt down a copy of their even older band called Mannequin. It's only on vinyl, as far as I know, and it isn't cheap. And, again, it is an entirely different beast.


Love Is A Dangerous Weapon



Wild Reaction



Dancing On A Wing


Broadway Jane



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Miss Perfection



Slave to the Thrill


Fool to Love You



Standing On Shaky Ground




Sherri's Gone

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Been a long time since I heard this and I can't remember liking it too much if I'm being honest. As a gigantic fan of Wall Of Silence I was very keen to hear it, but honestly can't even remember it.

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