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The Pleasures-Foursome Reason


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New album available on Halloween. Sounds fine by me!





With "Foursome Reason" to report Germany's Glam Rock Band # 1, THE PLEASURES, back impressively.

"Foursome Reason" will contain a total of 5 new tracks plus a bonus video clip. Special guest Tom Wouda of TOXIC ROSE will be heard.

Fans of bands like THE DARKNESS, KISS, AEROSMITH, WIG WAM, STEEL PANTHER or ALICE COOPER can look forward to a Glam-Autumn-Highlight.

Singer Dancette says: "Anyone who thinks only Kiss, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Van Halen or Pretty Boy Floyd could deliver four of rigged Glam Rock, now let him listen to THE PLEASURES' latest work.
FOURSOME REASON Believe it or not ... Crazy people are hot!"

“Foursome Reason” – Tracklist
- Four To The Floor
- Crazy People Are Hot
- Silent Valley
- Come On, Foursome Reason
- I’ll Do Anything (…But Foreplay) - feat. Tom Wouda
- Bonus: Crazy People Are Hot – Live Video Clip ( - not a part of the promo edition - )

- 30.10.2014 - Hamburg, Meet & Greet „Foursome Reason“ CD Lounge Night - Eintritt frei!
- 27.11.2014 – Hamburg, The Rock Cafe – St. Pauli
- 07.12.2014 – Hamburg, St.Pauli Markt Open Air
- 30.01.2015 – Berlin, Madame Claude – Dancette Solo
more dates will follow soon.

Contact Band: info@thepleasures.de - www.facebook.com/thepleasures
Contact Label: info@rockitup.org - www.rockitup.org

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Holy christ. Heard this EP today and it defies terribleness. F*ck me it is bad! 'I'll do anything... (but foreplay)' has some resemblance of a hook, but the rest is painfully dreadful. The vocals and lyrics... christ it's horrific. One of the worst things I've heard this year. I noticed this reviewer agreed too:



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