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From http://BANNED WEBSITE.blogspot.com/2014/08/MARTINA-EDOFF-2014-Heart-Ann-Wilson-Issa-Isabell-Oversveen-Scandal-Patty-Smyth-The-Poodles.html


For many years, MARTINA EDOFF has been a familiar name in the Swedish music business as coach and backing vocalist for many rock&pop acts.
After more than twenty years, now she had the opportunity to record his own album, and in the musical genre she loves from the heart: melodic rock.

But the road to her self-titled debut album and the music she had closest to her spirit proved longer and more crooked than Martina expected. She’s been singing all her life.
After honing her skills in a few rock bands, she secured a place at Wallman’s in Stockholm, a restaurant concept where the staff was made up of talented singers who performed during the dinner. It was there that disco-pop star Dr Alban saw her singing and immediately asked her to perform harmony vocals on his upcoming world tour.
Martina traveled the world in subsquent years, and while Dr Alban recharged the batteries between tours, she spent a lot of time at the Cheiron studio in Stockholm, where producer and songwriter Denniz Pop was busy building the pop empire that soon would make Sweden famous as a driving creative force.
Ace Of Base and numerous other Cheiron productions soon had Martina’s backing vocals on hit after hit.


In 1999 started to perform backing vocals with Swedish techno star E-Type, which again took her out on major international stages. At around the same time she persuaded her - then boyfriend - to start a cover band specializing in '80s poodle rock. They called themselves The Poodles, which would become the excellent melodic hard rock act.
Martina toured a lot with The Poodles, but as fun it was, it didn’t take her closer to a solo career based on her own music. She participated in the Swedish TV reality/talent show 'Fame Factory' during 2003-2004, but despite offering some interesting insights in how modern TV is produced, it didn’t advance her musical career.

After becoming a mother in 2005, Martina decided to take a break from music. She studied to become a coach, and basically had decided to quit the music business.
But a friend she met during her studies sensed that her real passion still was in singing, and thought it was a shame to throw away such talent.

The executive of MRM Production gave her an offer to record a solo album completely on Martina's own terms, which of course was impossible to resist. So they chose renowned producer, engineer and mixer Robert Wellerfors (The Poodles, Lion's Share) and some of Stockholm’s best musicians, and then recorded this, her self-titled debut album.


"Martina Edoff" can be summarized in one word: heart. Or “Heart” with a capital H, rather - we’re talking about the American group that under creative leadership from sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson were female rock pioneers.
Back in the day, seventeen-year old Martina was totally mesmerized by Heart’s powerful impact – a fascination that continues to this day.

And you can say that listening this impressive collection of classic melodic hard rock songs.
Martina's vocals reminds you Ann Wilson, but also Scandal's Patty Smyth. The songs sound a lot like the '80s productions, but with a modern touch akin Norwegian singer Issa (Isabell Oversveen).
The session musicians are truly professional, including guitarists Martin Hedström, Benny Jansson and virtuoso Johan Randén, drummer Per Lindvall (ABBA), and the very tight, tasteful, great tone and solid groove of bassist Thomas Lindberg.
With songs written by Martina in various songwriting partnerships, the very nice cover of "Just Take My Heart" by Mr. Big is the only non-original track.

There's not much space for true mid-80s female melodic rock these days, and "Martina Edoff" is a really welcomed album for the genre.
It's well produced and arranged, the songs are hooky and authentic, and Martina's pipes trained to obtain colorful expressions and warm harmonies. A genuinely entertaining record.
Very Recommended.









1. On The Top
2. Back Home
3. Who You Are
4. Hero
5. Heartland
6. Just Take My Heart (Mr Big)
7. Seeds Of Love (Mother Nature Song)
8. Seduce Your Mind
9. My Moment
10. Before I Die



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If there's one thing I dislike more than male singers with a strong accent, it's female singers with a strong accent. I don't know why, it just really grates me. I'm torn about whether to give this a go or not. That song isn't great at all, but I feel like there could be some okay songs on this one.

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Am I tripping, or have I heard that song before? Who else has recorded this?


She appears to have great big cans. Why are so many shots in that video cutting off the focal selling point?

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