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From The Fire - Evil Men Do


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From FB:


It's been a long, long road - but the trip is only just beginning. From the official press release:

"Pat Regan, who co-produced and engineered the first From The Fire album, "Thirty Days, Dirty Nights", has signed on to mix and add his ear to the finalizing of the upcoming From The Fire release, "Evil Men Do", slated to emerge immediately after the mixing and mastering are done. A single, "In Your Dreams", will be available for download prior to the album drop, in early October.

It's been a long process - far longer than the band anticipated, but the result of our collective efforts, helped greatly in the studio by the talents of Nicky Moroch, is one that we're proud of, and that we think our fans will enjoy.

We look forward to having the album in our hands in time for Firefest in late October, and we can't wait to see "Evil Men Do" join our first record in the collections of AOR fans everywhere.

Pat Regan, whose many credits include production, mixing, engineering, and musical contributions to albums by Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple, Saga, Warrant, Weird Al Yankovic, Crown of Thorns, and most recently, Mr. Big, is - and always was - a perfect fit for the band's sound.

From The Fire will keep everyone updated as we move closer to the release. God bless you all, and thank you for the years of being there. We'll see you in the UK in a few weeks. We love you."

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From FB:


Title song from the album is mixed and ready to go. Those boys have been really putting the screws to this one - rock on Pat and Mike!


Three songs out of ten mixed; Pat Regan and Mike Sciotto are burning like a torch up at the studio. Then, it's off to be mastered, then to the manufacturer in the UK.... if all goes smoothly (and we believe it will), we'll have a thousand freshly-minted copies of "Evil Men Do" at Firefest! Of course, it will be our honor (or honour, if you'd like, LOL) to sign these - or copies of "Thirty Days", if you have them.

We are all extremely excited to meet you all...




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Who'd have thought you'd hear from these guys again, and after hearing the disc I kind of wish I hadn't. I don't hate it, but it's mostly very below average. A couple of okay ballads and that's about it. Vocals still sound good.

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I just saw them live and they were excellent....although the set mainly comprised songs from the debut.


Ive only heard samples and wasnt over impressed....although Bernd was just praising it on Facebook

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