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Bombay Black - Walk Of Shame


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One of the best and more underrated acts from the present Hard Rock scene, BOMBAY BLACK, are back with their 6th studio album "Walk Of Shame".
If there's any shame, it's precisely why this band isn't way bigger in the music business than they are.

Bombay Black already have 5 very good records under their belt, but "Walk Of Shame" is hands-down the band's best disc, and my pick for the party-rock disc of the summer, if not the year.
These guys approach to classic American Hard Rock is really updated both in sound & style, making a modern take on the L.A. Sunset Strip Scene cock rawk with attitude and originality.
The songs have that old-school feel, yet with inventive arrangements and lots, lots of hooks. You could picture just about every song blaring at top volume from a convertible on the way to the beach in 1990, however, all sounds really 2014, powerful, assassin.


Written by vocalist Erik Johnson and co-produced with bassist Ty Sims, "Walk Of Shame" sounds crystal clear yet stained and spontaneous with a smoky veneer on the likes of "Bye Bye Juliet", the best song Motley Crue never wrote.
One of Bombay Black’s biggest draws is the way Johnson delivers his midrange hair metal vocals and the powerful melodies emanating from the groovy twin guitars. Even without the fantastic production, the riffage alone would shatter the Great Wall, hammering home again and again on track after track.

But Bombay Black are not a one trick pony. Apart from the melting hard rockers such as the aforementioned "Bye Bye Juliet" (a highlight), "Sex & Gasoline", or the anthemic hands-in-the-air "Everything You Wanted" (another highlight), they have much more to offer.
You have great melodic hard rock tunes on the catchy "America's Sweetheart" (infectious chorus) and "I May As Well", foot-tapping hair metal in "Come Over Here" and "Sunshine", a really well elaborated power ballad in "Sucker", and even some exploration on the groovy mid-tempo "Haunting L.A." which starts with synth samples.


This Arkansas quartet rocks like no-other with their unique Hard Rock style, and "Walk Of Shame" is an album you must listen.
It's classic early '90s American Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Melodic Hard Rock but transported to 2014, a logical evolution from a genre that still admits new frontiers, and Bombay Black prove this on their excellent new record.
Sooner or later, the world is going to have to realize that BOMBAY BLACK is simply one of the best bands on the planet making Hard Rock today.












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The reason they're not bigger, imo, is because their recent albums have all come out sounding more or less identical. They always offer good solid songs, but it's quite samey and nearly impossible to find a song that stands out from the bunch since their debut. But I'll admit they're still good enough to check out a new CD, and just hope they've recorded those handful of killer songs you still feel like they can offer.

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