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Jeff LaBar (Cinderella) - One For The Road


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From blabbermouth.net:


CINDERELLA guitarist Jeff LaBar will release his first solo album, "One For The Road", in late August through Rat Pak Records. Tracks on the CD range from classic, early CINDERELLA-style hard rock, to groove-laden blues rock, and everything in between. Jeff not only sings on this release, but also does a fantastic job of capturing the magic and spirit of the classic genre he helped create.


In a June 2013 interview with Legendary Rock Interviews, LaBar stated about his upcoming solo album: "The way it started was, I've been threatening to do a solo album or years and at the end of [the summer 2012] CINDERELLA tour, my tour manager Larry Morand and my wife Debi called me on it. They said, Look, Tom's [Keifer, CINDERELLA frontman] solo album is coming out this spring, he'll probably tour on it through the summer. Now is the time, Jeff. It's time to get in the studio and start putting your money where your mouth is.' So, that's what I've been doing. Fred [Coury, CINDERELLA drummer] is not producing, but he is mixing everything I do. I'm in Nashville and Fred's in L.A. so I'm producing myself, singing and playing all the instruments. I am just getting guest drummers for the tracks. I am working with my engineer Ronnie Honeycutt here in Nashville and everything is going out to Fred to clean up and polish and make it sound good. [laughs]"


Asked how the direction of his solo material will be different from what he has done with CINDERELLA, Jeff said: "The first song I recorded could have been a CINDERELLA song, I think, but you know when you get guitar players putting out solo records, from what I've seen, they are very self-indulgent in terms of guitar playing or even sometimes, they're instrumental records. Mine is self-indulgent in the sense that it will cover a lot of different types of music. The first song I did is called 'No Strings' and like I said, it's a rock song, it could be a CINDERELLA song. The second song I recorded is a total blues waltz/shuffle. The latest song I've done is almost like a FLEETWOOD MAC-type ballad. I've also written a slow, chunky metal song, a blues slide song and a flat-out metal burner, fast song so I think I am really trying to explore all of my different influences. It's all me singing and playing everything but drums."


Asked if he enjoys singing, Jeff said: "Absolutely, I've been singing all my life. Since I started playing guitar at the age of nine or ten, I was also singing, sitting in my bedroom with [LED] ZEPPELIN and BEATLES songbooks. I didn't just learn how to play the songs I loved, but I learned how to sing 'em too. I actually started out as a drummer and aspired to be a guitar player, and then when I became a guitar player, I aspired to be a singer. [laughs] I got the chance to do a lot of background vocals over the years in CINDERELLA, but make no mistake, I see myself and believe in myself as a singer."










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Not bad. I do think he should have hired a singer.

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Reminds me of Ace Frehley in a lot of ways.


Labar is a really good guitar player and an adequate singer... certainly not out of key, but with very little range and a bit monochrome in my opinion.


Of course whenever I think of Labar I naturally think of Cinderella, and it's not fair to compare his voice to that of Kieffer's (especially TK's hay-days in the mid to late 80's).


But Labar and Brittingham will always been cool mother f*****s in my book for those swinging guitars in the Night Songs videos. I remember trying to do the same with my Ibanez Roadstar the summer of 1986 and whacked myself in the back of the head REALLY hard. Never learned to play that guitar... and never tried swinging it around my neck again, either.

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