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pascal vandamme CRYCIN

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adriano..he left positive feedback on 10/20 and said the cd was also shipped on 10/20..so im waied 3 weeks and still no cd, so i emailed him a few times and did not received a response from him ..so i began to worry about a lost cd ..but he replied yesterday saying it takes 4 weeks to arrive in the usa ..so i am gonna wait another week to see if it arrives..4 weeks to the usa i think is along wait???Danny


Hello my friend!


I made many deals with Pascal Vandamme (ebayer "crycin") without any problem. In my opinion he is a reliable and honest guy. What happened?


all the best


Adriano - adboimel@uol.com.br

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adriano..i know i will receive the cd..thanks Danny





Sometimes it happens my friend...I just waited 6 weeks to receive a package from Scandinavia, and was registered airmail.


I know Pascal since 2002, never had a problem with him, and never saw any bad comment.


I wish you good luck!


all the best



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I've dealth with Pascal for quite some time....he is very reliable. I've noticed everything I get from him takes longer than from anywhere else. He is over in Belgium and for some reason the mail is slower from them! I wouldn't worry....as Adriano said, Pascal is a stand up guy and a pleasure to transact with.




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Delbert..thanks for the info..i have dealt with pascal in the past ..but i sometimes get antsy with a cd i have been after for some time and most of the time the cd usually arrives from anywhere in about a week..my apollogies(SP?) to pascal about hurrying him..thanks Danny

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Guest stuck in lodi

Hi anamal


I saw your first post and thought, Oh %#$@!. I too bought something from crycin and got the same feedback message saying my cd was shipped 10/20 and I still don't have mine either. Before I bid, I looked through his feedback and saw a lot of guys I know from e-bay so I was pretty confident about buying from him. So I am glad to see everyone's comments as a reassurance he is a good seller. It's just weird because I get stuff from Germany and Scandinavia in a week to 10 days. Maybe Belgian mail is slower.



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It's always hard to determine how long shipping will take from outside the US. I've had things show up from Germany in 1 week, and I've had things show up after 3 weeks. :blink: Here's a good example - I won one of our pal Koogles' auctions and he sent it out on 10/22 from Canada. I didn't receive it for nearly two weeks! :o I think it all depends on the mood that day of the particular postal worker who handles your stuff... :fun_84:

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