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Switchblade Serenade - Alive At Night

All Nights Reserved

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Nice slab of sleaze, reminds me of early LA GUNS and also the raw version of GUNS N ROSES. Some songs are a bit weak and quite repetitive, but some riffs are furious and also awesome. Vocal is quite decent but the guitar is powerful and the strong part of this band. My faves here are 'Axe To Grind' which I think is their best track, heavy and angry! 'Full Throttle', 'Alive at Night', 'On The Run', and 'Drive Me Insane' are also among the best tracks while 'Mouthful of Dirt' and 'The Ritual' perhaps stay on the low side. Production wise is quite satisfying, I gave a 7.75/10 for musicianship and maybe a 7.5 for replay value.



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Man, when I started playing this I was all like, wow, this is going to be the best CD of the year. And I did enjoy it, but by the end of the disc it had all become a little samey. Great riffs, good big, but kind of simple choruses... but the problem was a little lack of variety. I would have liked to hear one or two really commercial tunes, a mid-tempo one and even a ballad. Just a little bit of variety.


But maybe I'm just being a bit picky as my favourite CD of all time is relentless in pace, so maybe it was just that the quality is not quite up at the tier this needs to be at. But anyway, a really impressive disc and a nice accompaniment to Pretty Wild as the highlights of January 2014.

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