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THE QUIREBOYS - Beautiful Curse (2013)


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  • Audio CD (24 Jun 2013)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Off Yer Rocka


1. Too Much of a Good Thing 3:57
2. Chain Smokin' 3:51
3. Talk of the Town 4:28
4. Mother Mary 4:52
5. King of Fools 3:50
6. Homewreckers and Heartbreakers 5:28
7. Diamonds and Dirty Stones 3:35
8. Beautiful Curse 4:40
9. Don't Fight It 4:05
10. For Crying Out Loud 3:33
11. Twenty Seven Years 3:44
12. I Died Laughing 3:49


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Another disc that surprised me after spinning this one couple of times yesterday when I'm lookin' for a decent rock and roll stuff to accompany me browsing around the net. The first two tracks might not be very convincing, good stuff but not really great, not until 'Talk of The Town' started running. Quite excellent radio friendly tunes, easy listening stuff with great arrangement. 'Mother Mary' is also very nice ballad, and in fact, half of this album are radio/media materials, could easily be singles. 'King of Fools' is the best track here, and came up next, 'Beautiful Curse' and 'Don't Fight It'.


The whole album is quite similar to their early days and nothing modern about it at all, so for fans of Rolling Stones-y stuff, this one is really great. Aside from 'Chain Smokin', I think 'Homewreckers' is also plain average, maybe two weakest links here, but tracks like 'For Crying Out Loud', 'Twenty Seven Years', and 'I Died Laughing' are very nice for the ears. Don't have much trouble with production, although I can see several fans complain about it. I missed most of their newer albums, last thing I heard is 'Bitter Sweet and Twisted', so can't compare much here, but it might be on par with the first two albums.



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