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Greek Fire - Deus Ex Machina

Dead Planet

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Holy shit mate, that sounds fantastic!!!! I feel like I passed this by in the past because I assumed it wasn't in English. Thanks for the heads up, seeking this one out hungrily and immediately.

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I wonder if many people listened to this. For those who didn't know, it's a side project from 2 of the guys from Story Of The Year. I haven't even heard this EP yet, but I just heard they have a 2nd EP out on the streets - can't wait to hear it;




01. A Real Life
02. Top Of The World
03. Coming Home
04. I'm Afraid Of Americans (feat. Stephen Christian)
05. Fever
This appears to be the first single from it;
Sounds rather good to me.
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Very nice - sounds like a smoother SOTY - do you know which 2 members are involved - cant tell if that is the singer or not, I would guess not.


Some real SOTY influences in there tho.


And 2 EPs would make a nice 10 track album on my phone :)

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Nah, not the singer, though I just read he was their drummer on tour in 2012. It's the 2 guitarists - Phil Sneed and Ryan Phillips, who, as you'd know, can actually really play. To this date, probably still my favourite modern rock guitarists.


Actually speaking of the vocalist, I think it was you who told me about The Fuck Off And Dies. They actually released a 2nd album in 2015 called 'Dear Liver' too. Again, not something I have heard yet.





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